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Aditi Khandelwal

Aditi Khandelwal

Co-Founder Kicky & Perky

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Aditi Khandelwal, the co-founder of Kicky & Perky, stands at the forefront of the luxury jewelry industry with her innovative approach and entrepreneurial prowess. Her profound understanding of cultural heritage blended with ethical craftsmanship has set a new paradigm in luxury jewelry, aligning perfectly with modern consumer values.

Aditi’s background in media communication from Monash University has equipped her with exceptional strategic communication skills, crucial for positioning Kicky & Perky at the top of the luxury market. Her ability to integrate traditional jewelry techniques with modern design elements
not only preserves cultural craftsmanship but also appeals to a global audience seeking unique, sustainable luxury.

Her strategic foresight is evident in her commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, making Kicky & Perky a standout in the eco-conscious market. This focus not only enhances the brand’s appeal to environmentally aware consumers but also aligns with global investment trends towards
sustainable businesses.

Under Aditi’s leadership, Kicky & Perky has expanded its product lines to include not only classic silver and kundan pieces but also innovative designs featuring moissanite, semi-precious, and precious stones. This diversification has broadened the brand’s market base and increased its appeal to a variety of consumer segments.

Looking ahead, Aditi plans to spearhead collaborations with globally renowned designers and artists, further enriching Kicky & Perky’s offerings with diverse artistic perspectives. These collaborations are aimed at crafting exclusive, limited-edition collections that emphasize luxury and exclusivity, enhancing the brand’s prestige and appeal on the international stage.

Furthermore, Aditi’s vision includes leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance customer experience and streamline production processes, ensuring that Kicky & Perky stays ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Her proactive approach to adopting technological solutions will drive efficiency, reduce waste, and maintain high-quality standards across all operations.

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