Our trusted solutions are designed to meet your omnichannel distribution needs and are built upon the massive 5000+ warehouse network of PR Innovations.

When it comes to the e-commerce landscape, the Consumer Electronics & Media segment of the global market is the second-largest segment, projected to grow by 7.8% in the next five years. The industry’s global revenue was more than $355 billion in 2017, showing clear signs of a worldwide boom. China occupies the largest segment in this category, with 32% of the global revenue originating from this country. In an era where technological innovations are growing each passing minute, products like consumer electronics are increasing in availability and applicability across different market segments.

Our end-to-end distribution solutions are designed to meet your business requirements by taking care of PR Innovation’s vast warehouse network, support systems, and 35+ years of industry experience. Ultimately, our aim is to provide efficient omnichannel support throughout every stage of your product lifecycle and ensure complete satisfaction to both you and your customers.

Global Reach

With our extensive warehouse network, we enable our partners to reach customers across countries and continents. Our solutions are designed meticulously and take into account the changing landscape of the consumer electronics sector in India and other countries we operate in. This allows for the provision of end-to-end business solutions that streamline the distribution process. Consumer electronics companies need fulfilment from Foreign-Trade Zones in Hong Kong and India or end-to-end serial level capture, and our expert solutions are designed with these priorities in mind. Our vast network and reach ensure smooth business across a wide range of areas.

Forward Logistics

We offer a wide variety of forward logistics services, supported by an order management platform that allows for transparency in the supply chain while simultaneously automating both order rating and routing logic. We also offer other personalisation options such as custom promotions, branded boxes, custom packing lists, and labels, among other things. In terms of logistics, our expertise and skill are dynamic and varied enough to cope with diverse requirements. With the help of our systematic processes, we help accomplish the following for your business:

Reverse Logistics

Our comprehensive supply chain & sales solutions help businesses achieve their distribution goals. In the contemporary age of business today, it is quite important for players in the consumer electronics segment to explore both offline and online markets. It goes without saying that the e-commerce segment continues to grow at an exponential rate, which leads to the significant development of reverse logistics is becoming an integral aspect of the supply chain. We have identified logistics as one of the most critical functions in boosting your e-commerce presence and business. This service includes the following capabilities, designed specifically to optimise your product for a profitable resale: