Solutions to enhance mobility throughout the product lifecycle.

Omnichannel fulfilment, reverse logistics, and end-to-end serialisation – our wide variety of mobility solutions help improve both your margins and inventory velocity during the entire product lifecycle.

The scenario of the mobility industry is changing rapidly. With new carrier contract models, the increasing lifespan of mobile devices, and new product introductions – among various other aspects – it’s clear to see that the mobility industry is constantly shifting in India. We provide a bevvy of value-added services, including (but not limited to) forward logistics, reverse logistics, ITAD solutions, and a variety of value-added services to meet the needs of carriers, retailers, and OEMs.

New Product Introductions (NPIs)

The requirement for support and scalability during the launch of a new phone is critical for both manufacturers and carriers. Keeping this in mind, we have successfully managed to execute major mobile device launches on behalf of the top names in the mobility industry, sporting expertise in supporting the high volumes required in such scenarios.

We do realise that innovation and disruption are elements which will always exist in different markets which is why we have actively mastered NPI’s

End-to-End Serialisation

Through our state-of-the-art systems, we are able to ensure the end-to-end serialisation of our devices. With this data at our fingertips, we can proactively mitigate issues like product recalls.

We can also point out possible defects & errors if a product with the same serial number has been returned numerous times.

Trusted by the Largest Names in Mobility

We are trusted by India’s largest mobile carriers. From complex smartphones to prepaid phones kitted with functioning SIM cards, we serve customers across all segments of the mobility industry.

From omnichannel fulfilment to reverse logistics with end-to-end serialization which ensures accurate & intricate tracking, our mobility solutions help you increase your profitability and inventory management right through the entire product lifecycle. Leading international players such as Apple and LG have trusted us to put their mobility products on the Indian map.

Omnichannel Fulfilment

We ensure the fulfilment of multiple channels, whether it be direct-to-consumer, carrier retail stores, big-box retailers, or any other outlet. We pride ourselves in critically evaluating the need, importance, and application of all of these different channels and use a combination of research and instinct to curate the best strategies for our partners.

With our Omnichannel network including some of the most prominent retailers in the country like Croma, Reliance, and Vijay Sales, it is safe to say that we can position products to the largest appropriate audience.