New Product Launches

We employ a radical model while choosing our products, partners, and distribution networks. This ensures that all three aspects are in sync while launching new products to ensure success across the board.

We are well-versed with the rigours and challenges of launching new products to the Indian audience, having already exposed the public to a wide array of innovation-driven and new-age products which previously ceased to exist in the market. Be it a new innovation, or a product which we have seen in the market for years, we guarantee a remarkable start to the journey.

Our new product launches are carried out in the following manner to generate substantial results.


Understanding & diagnosing the needs of the clients


Competition analysis on both online & offline platforms

Feedback Integration

Taking feedback from users & audience alike

Product Evaluation

Evaluating the market & trends


Market the products to the target market

Countrywide Distribution

To ensure the visibility of our partners and the products they aim to sell, we make the most of a massive distribution network to ensure that these products are distributed countrywide with little to no hassles. We have strong and positive relations with the biggest retailers you could find in the country – across all cities & states.

This network of 5000+ retailers is situated across both rural and urban areas in 100 major Indian cities. With this comprehensive network, the products of our clients will surely witness widespread prevalence amongst the masses. A major challenge which we have successfully overcome was identifying & targeting both urban and rural areas and consequently establishing our presence in both these contrasting markets.


Ensuring effective reach & visibility of products


An extensive network of 5000+ retailers & 100+ distributors

Rural & Urban Distribution

A reach across 100+ cities in the country

General Trade

Small to medium-sized retail outlets

Modern Trade

Giant national retail chains and establishments

Online Trade

Leading e-commerce platforms - Flipkart & Amazon

Certifications & Licensing

The hassles that one attached with the task of attaining certifications and licensing will become a thing of the past. These solutions are geared specifically so that our partners can focus on what matters – namely, their products and services.

We apply for certifications and licensing on your behalf, streamlining these tasks and limiting inconveniences. In a nation as diverse and broad as India, there are bound to be complex and intricate legalities involved in the business. We stay up-to-date with all developments in the domain of certifications & licensing to ensure a smooth flow of business for you.

BIS Certification

Safety license for battery-operated products

ETA Certification

License for radio and/or wireless products being imported

BEE Star Rating Certification

Measure of the energy efficiency of a product

Import Licensing

Smoothening the import process

No supplier intervention

We tackle all legal regulations with minimum supplier intervention or involvement

Marketing & Retailing

It goes without saying that any product launch needs to be advertised and retailed appropriately to raise interest in the product at hand. Marketing is an extremely broad term and we are proud to say we have effectively mastered its various bifurcations including logistics, warehousing, branding, market research & segmentation, and last but definitely not the least – sales.

Each area/market mandates the need for a distinct marketing strategy which depends on a wide variety of factors – something our experts are well-aware of. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that suitable retailers stock your products, while simultaneously guaranteeing that our unique marketing initiatives also help generate nationwide buzz for all your offerings.


Top-quality branding of your products in 5000+ retailers


Market segment research & analysis


Developing unique marketing strategies for each partner


Driven offline sales of over 2M units


Retailing products across 5000+ retailers

Warehousing Support

Without adequate storage facilities, your plans for launching a new product can have a major wrench thrown in them. It is critical to have a systematic and well-thought-out warehousing & logistics plan for products.

To take care of this, we have a total of 8 warehouses to help take care of our partners’ storage requirements. These warehouses are ideal setups when it comes to storing and preserving your products, and ensuring they are in top-quality at all times. Streamlined warehousing & logistics functions are what set the foundation and fundamentally act as building blocks for further marketing activities.


Total of 8 safe & secure warehousing facilities


Quick & stable transport facilities for products across 100 cities


Efficient management of products before sale

After-Sales Services

Product launches aren’t limited to just selling products to the masses. A new launch can always have certain hiccups, making it all the more important to ensure that product feedback and support is provided at all times.

With our logistics team, we ensure that these tasks are carried out diligently. This ensures a smooth product experience for our partners. Marketing as a concept simply does not end at putting the product on the shelves of retailers. As per our understanding, customer relationship management and customer satisfaction are vital elements of marketing. We have actively dedicated our efforts in mastering the same over the years.


Understanding the customer’s perception of the product, and conveying the same to the brand


Offering post-sale customer support & help


Maintaining healthy relations with customers

Reverse Logistics

Handling the flow of returned/faulty products from the user to the brand

Smooth Product Experience

We ensure that all tasks are carried out diligently for a seamless experience.