While the distribution of most consumer electronics was pretty much established for Lenovo, the same could not be said when it came to their smart wearables and accessories. It was definitely a challenge to gain a foothold in this market. With Lenovo making its way into the smartwatch segment, the challenge was to be perceived as an established smartwatch producer and make a name for itself in the industry. Moreover, the launch was happening at the same time as other smartwatch launches by key industry players such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Fitbit, and Noise. With so many launches happening back to back, the challenge was to bring Lenovo smartwatches to the limelight and appeal to the maximum crowd.

With our end-to-end business solutions, we managed to make Lenovo a household name when it came to smartwatches and wearables. We did this through a combination of online and offline efforts. We took care of all aspects of Lenovo’s presence in India, conjugating the services we provide in the context of new product launches, after-sales services, warehousing support, marketing & retailing support, and a host of other solutions.


We were the first and exclusive distributors of Lenovo’s smartwatches & accessories in the Indian market.

We were the first importer of Lenovo’s smartwatches into the country.

We introduced the first smartwatch for the brand in India as well.