The distribution of Apple products in India will always be a major challenge, mainly owing to the fact that the company doesn’t have any manufacturing units in the country. Importing all these units and distributing them across stores is not a simple task in the slightest. Having said this, the brand image Apple particularly maintains, required it to come to a distributor, which could not only match up to their market image but also live up to the expectations Apple sets as a brand.

By partnering with PR Innovations, Apple was able to distribute its products across UP West and Uttarakhand without any issues. Our distribution efforts commenced from the iPhone, with excellent results helping us branch out and add both the iPad and the Macbook to our profile. This helped establish Apple as a major brand in a country that didn’t even have a single one of its manufacturing units. We now aim to open around 20-30 more stores in the coming year and nurture our relationship with this global leader.


Initially started with iPhone distribution.

Overachieving targets for iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.

Opened stores in Agra, Mathura, and Haridwar.

Projecting to open 20-30 more stores in the coming years.