With the smartwatch market growing at an exponential rate and reaching an almost saturated phase, Amazfit’s goal was to break into the Indian wearable market with a wide range of products. However, in a market with already established international players, it was never going to be easy for a Chinese brand to leave a lasting impression. To top this all, the biggest challenge in the way was the fact that Amazfit had 0% market share, with little to no share of voice for the brand.

To get over this hurdle, The need of the hour was to device maximum buzz and a good share of voice that spreads across different online platforms, in tandem with the offline sector as well. It was evident that a cohesive mix of strategic planning and brand consultation needed to be implemented for the successful launch of this product. We handled all aspects of Amazfit’s presence in India, combining the services we provide in the context of new product launches, after-sales services, warehousing support, marketing & retailing support, and a host of distribution solutions. We developed a community of audiences with fitness as a common goal and fabricated a campaign called #AmazfitFans. Interesting challenges were designed to instil fitness in the consumer’s life.


Helped Amazfit achieve the leading market share in less than 2 years.

Organised the first-ever Amazfit Fan Run in New Delhi.

Cemented a market share of 30% having started from scratch.

Sustained brand sales through strategic business consulting.

32% of smartwatch imports in November 2019 were from Amazfit.

Supported the launch of 10 unique smartwatches in Indian markets.

One of the top-performing smartwatches on online e-commerce portals such as Amazon