Thank you very much all the efforts to improve the samsung mobile business here in Agra. I would like you to have a grand vision to be a king of Samsung here in Agra. Please have much more aggressive target and focus on implementing and reaching it. Samsungs' support will continue....

Brian Park, Samsung Electronics Mobile Division

I could see and feel the growth of Chandra Lubricants through hard work, dedication. Very professional and transparent in their approach. Their philosophy of winning the hearts and minds of the customer has taken them to greater heights. I have no doubts that the organization will grow further like a banyan tree. I will all the very best. I am happy that Caltex could locate such a good dedicated customer.

S. Venkataramani, Caltex

Thank you for your loyalty. You care of our products and I look forward to great joint success with CHEVRON lubricants !

B. Burger, Chevron Global Lubricants